Infor's 60:30:10 differentiator

  • Date
  • 24 September 2020
  • Author
  • News team

When bringing new technology into your enterprise, you want it to happen fast, with minimum operational disruption.

The Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial solutions we implement for manufacturers are designed to a time-saving 60:30:10 formula:

60% of the solution is “out of the box” standard features, 30% is pre-built industry-specific functionality, and just 10% is minor customer-specific modification.

Infor achieves this through vertical industry expertise and strategically iterating its CloudSuites to meet the needs of very different industries.

It has built solutions for six discrete manufacturing industries, from Aerospace and Defense to Automotive. Those verticals are broken down further to micro-verticals, like metal fabrication or pulp and paper.

For process manufacturing, there are solutions for ten more industries, including breweries, bakeries, chemicals and life sciences.

This vertical approach is a key Infor differentiator. Read the back story here and connect with our team at about launching your powerful, streamlined CloudSuite solution today.